Irena Josifoska is the 1st prize winner of the Gabrielli cello competition in Berlin and as academist of the Verbier Festival winner of the prize Prix Jean-Nicolas Firmenich, which recognizes the Verbier Festival Academy's best young cellist. She got Honorary Mention for an excellent performance as one of the six-semifinalists at the Grand Prix Emanuel Feuermann, where she had recital in the hall of Berliner Philharmonie. In 2017 she was the youngest semifinalist of the Queen Elisabeth competition. In 2024 she got the Scholarship prize of the German music competition (Deutscher Musikwettbewerb) in the chambermusic category, which includes concerts organization in the season 2025/26.

Irena comes from a family of musicians. She started playing the cello at the age of 5 in Novi Sad, in the class of Judit Niederholzer-Josifoska. She finished Bachelor studies at the “Hochschule für Musik” in Detmold (Germany) in the class of prof. Xenia Jankovic, Master solo studies at the „Universität der Künste“ in Berlin in the class of prof. Jens Peter Maintz, and since October 2022 she is a student of the „Konzertexamen studies“ (the highest degree in Germany) in the same class and same University. Irena was „Artist in residence“ of the „Queen Elisabeth Music Chapelle“ in Brussels for chamber-music and since september 2022 she is in the „Villa musica foundation and chamber music festival academy“.

She won many highest awards and special prizes in national and international competitions, like Dotzauer cello competition in Dresden, Herann cello competition in Czech republic, International cello competition in Liezen, Austria, Jeunesses musicales international competition in Belgrade, silver medal in Vienna international music competition, GOLDEN MEDAL with High distinction in Manhattan international music competition, Janigro competition in Zagreb, "GWK Scholarship prize" etc.
Irena is a recipient of several recognitions, like: The most promising young music artist in 2013, the prize from Society of music artists of Serbia as The best young music artist in 2015, The little prince prize in 2018.

She performed all over the Europe and USA and she was a soloist of the eminent orchestras, like Deutsche Sinfonietta Berlin, Metamorphosen Berlin, Wurttembergische Philharmonie Reutlingen, Hagen Symphony orchestra, NWD orchestra, Detmold chamber orchestra, Kaunas philharmony, Orchestra nazionale sinfonica, Orchestre Royal de Chambre de Wallonie, etc.

She was participant of the biggest festivals, like Verbier Festival Academy, Musiktage Mondsee, Paax GNP Festival in Mexico, Bebersee Festival, Fränkischer Sommer, Krzyzowa Music, Eggenfelden Klassisch, Ohrid Summer Festival, Kronberg Academy Masterclasses, Rutesheim Cello Akademie, Liechteinstein Musikakademie, ISA-International summer academy, Crescendo festival Berlin, Moritzburg Festival Academy (1st prize of audience), Sumito Switzerland, Hohenstaufen chamber music festival, Nitzow chamber music festival, Ljubljana Festival, Music Forum in Trenta, Slovenia held by Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, etc.

Irena recorded two CDs, one for „A-records“ (Sweden), another one for „Art-link“ and „Societe generale bank“.
She also plays a barock cello , with in September 2019 she recorded a CD with the „VOX barock ensemble“ for „Sony“.
Irena was part of the production "Christmas in Berlin" - STAGE+ with Deutsche Grammophon and Albrecht Mayer.

Josifoska was „Thomastik Infeld artist“, was the scholarship holder of „Deutschland Stipendium“ and of „Ad infinitum and DAAD“ foundation.

Irena worked with prof. David Geringas, Frans Helmerson, Steven Isserlis, Wolfgang Emanuel Schmidt, Miklos Perenyi, Claudio Bohorquez, Wenn Sin Yang, Marc Coppey, Christian Poltera, Daniel Müller Schott, etc. She played chamber-music with Guy Braunstein, Daniel Stabrawa, Jens Peter Maintz, Albrecht Mayer, Alexander Sitkovetsky, Sacha Rattle, Roman Simovic, Vadim Gluzman, Yeol Eum Son, Svetlin Roussev, Maria-Elisabeth Lott, Sophia Jaffé, Lisa Schatzman, Gili Schwarzman, Andrea Lieberknecht, Dag Jensen, Marie-Luise Neunecker, Gregor Sigl, Auryn quartett and she worked with Artemis Quartett, Corina Belcea, Mihaela Martin, Gabor Takacs Nagy, Matheu Herzog, Ivry Gitlis, Heinrich Schiff, Helmuth Rilling, Kent Nagano etc.

Composers Dejan Despic, S.S.Kovacevic, Aleksandar Vujic, Tibor Hartig and Günter Puzberg dedicated their compositions to Irena.

Irena plays as a guest in Karajan Academy of Berliner Philharmonie chambermusic concerts and she is a guest solo-cellist of Camerata Salzburg, Deutsches Kammerorchester Berlin, Bayerische Kammerphilharmonie, Detmolder chamber-orchestra, Munich radio-orchestra and she is permanent substitution in Deutsches Symphonie Orchester Berlin.

She got on loan from Villa musica foundation a cello William Forster Senior 1790.

Words of musicians:
“Irena is one of rare cellists, where from her confident coming to the stage, her instrumental virtuosity, her expressiveness and her whole personality I was tied up. Among big number of great cellists nowadays, she is above almost everybody, because of what she can, because of her expressivity and exceptional taste for musical styles.”
Götz Teutsch, solo-cellist of "Berlin philharmonic", 2022
“Irena Josifoska is one mature and experienced musician. Her interpretations are very thoughtful, her technique is brilliant, her sound clean and singing, round and beautiful. On stage Irena impresses with her chamber-musical agility and wonderful expressiveness as well through her extinguished artistic personality.”
The jury of "GWK Förderung", 2022
“Irena is for sure one of the most gifted musicians I met in my career. Her enthusiasm transports the music directly to the heart of her audience and her stunning technique, her variable, warm and brilliant tone and her virtuosity leave the listener stunned and grateful.”
Florian Ludwig, conductor, 2021
“Irena is an exceptionally expressive musician, her technical abilities are of a high level and she has a very good sense for expressing different styles and colours in music.”
Xenia Jankovic, cellist, 2021
“It is unbelievable how someone can experience and convey all the sung and painful legato in Faure’s “Elegie” without having oneself suffered greatly and not having a wounded soul.”
G. Krajacic, 2009
”Contact with Irena Josifoska gave the audience moments of true joy in the beauty of music and a soaring performance which captivated with its genuine liveliness and unusual maturity of expression.”
B. Hlozan, 2011
“Each generation has its own aces and in the present one it is certainly Irena Josifoska.This child is talked about and has great prospects. ”
B. Radović, 2010
“Irenas determination, playing impulse, attitude, looks, dominance over the “musical matter“ and as always, such a striking fusion between the artist and instrument, left a huge impression...”
M. Adamov, 2013



  • 15th - 18th of January:
    Solo cello Kammerakademie Potsdam

  • 28th of January: Haydn D-major Cello concerto

    Detmolder Chamber-orchestra
    Conductor: Daniel Stabrawa
    Location: Konzerthaus Detmold, Germany

  • 5th - 10th of May:
    Tonhain Kollektiv Berlin

    7 Celli with Jens Peter Maintz

  • 2024

  • 12th-17th of January:
    guest Deutsches Symphonie Orchester Berlin

  • 24th - 28th of January:
    Guest Deutsches Symphonie Orchester Berlin and Kent Nagano

    Location: Berliner Philharmonie

  • 2nd - 8th of February:
    Solo cello of UdK Orchestra Berlin

  • 11th-19th of February:
    Villa musica

    Four chambermusic concerts with Svetlin Roussev, Yeol Eum Son, Claudio Laureti and Albina Khaibullina
    Programme: Brahms, Dvorak
    15.02.: Kaiserlautern, Germany
    16.02.:Herdorf, Germany
    17.02.:Mainz, Germany
    18.02.:Remagen, Germany

  • 22nd of February:
    Chinese event
    Duo with David Tobin, violin

    Programme: Gliere, Handel-Halvorsen
    Location: Berlin, Germany

  • 23rd of February:
    Sven Helbig
    Quartett concert

    Location: Rathenow, Germany

  • 24th of February:
    Recital: Viktor Soos, piano

    Location: Piano Salon Christophori Berlin, Germany

  • 6th of March:
    Piano quartett concert

    Location: Piano Salon Christophori Berlin, Germany

  • 19th - 23rd of March:
    DMW competition, semifinale
    Piano quartett concert

    Location: Bonn, Germany

  • 26th of March - 1st of April:
    Chambermusic project with Roman Simovic

    Location: Villa musica, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany
    Programme: Turina, Schumann, Weber, Erkin, Saint-Saens
    30.03.: Mainz, Germany
    31.03.: Schloss Engers, Germany
    01.04.: Kobern-Gondorf, Germany

  • 7th of April:
    Detmolder Chamber orchestra
    Solo cello, with Albrecht Menzel

    Location: Beckum, Germany

  • 14th of April:
    Concert with Guy Braunstein, Gili Schwarzman and Ulrich Knörzer

    Programme: Ravel, Mozart, Brahms
    Location: Berlin, Germany

  • 15th - 22nd of April:
    All Beethoven Sonatas for piano and cello in two evenings + Solo cello evening

    18th of April: Solo cello evening, "In C-Minor"
    20th and 21st of April: Beethoven
    Location: Hafenpreppach, Germany

  • 7th - 12th of May:
    Bach "Musikalisches Opfer" with Michael Borgstede

    Catholic Church in Rheinböllen

  • 14th - 19th of May:
    Hohenstaufen Chambermusic Festival

    Location: Hohenstaufen, Germany

  • 21st of May:
    Recital with Viktor Soos, piano

    Programme: Beethoven, Schumann, Prokofiev
    Location: Schloss Engers, Germany

  • 26th - 28th of May:
    Lebensmelodien Ensemble

    Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

  • 2nd of June:
    Crescendo Festival Berlin

    Chambermusic concert with Mark Gothoni, Janne Saksala, Jörg Walter, Markus Groh and Gottlieb Wallisch

  • 3rd and 5th of June:
    Recitals with Viktor Soos, piano

    Programme: Beethoven, Schumann, Prokofiev
    Location: Schloss Engers, Germany

  • 7th of June:
    Jazz und Classic

    Location: Holzminden, Germany

  • 8th of June:
    Chambermusic concert with Boris Garlitsky

  • 23th of June:
    "Stars of tomorrow"
    With Daniel Stabrawa

    Location: Schloss Corvey

  • 26th - 29th of June:
    NEO Festival

    Location: Novi Sad, Serbia

  • 28th of June:
    Solo with "Camerata Novi Sad" and Alexander Sitkovetsky

    Programme: C.P.E.Bach: Concerto in A-major

  • 29th of June:
    Chambermusic concert

    Programme: Schumann and Tchaikovsky
    Location: Novi Sad, Serbia

  • 9th - 12th of July:
    Solo Cello Kammerakademie Potsdam

  • 27th of July - 4th of August:
    Éole en Musiques festival

    Location: Paimboeuf, France

  • 9th and 10th of August:
    Verbier Festival in Italy with Gabriel Prokofiev

    Location: Italy

  • 25th of August - 1st of September:
    Chambermusic festival

    Location: Rügen, Germany

  • September: New CD promotions

    Location: Serbia

  • 4th of September:
    Concert in Berlin

    Programme of the festival in Rügen

  • 11th - 14th of September:
    Solo Cello Kammerakademie Potsdam

    Programme of the festival in Rügen

  • 23rd - 30th of September:
    SONC chambermusic Festival

    Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia

  • 13th of October:
    Dvorak cello concerto

    Location: Stourbridge, UK

  • 2th - 8th of December:
    Villa Musica

    Vivaldi concertos and sonatas with Jens Peter Maintz

  • 2023

  • 16th of January:
    Celebration of the 90th birthday of Bernhard Vogel, the longest prime-minister in Germany

    Programme: J.S.Bach
    Location: Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, Berlin

  • 3rd - 6th of February:
    Alexander Sitkovetsky
    Detmolder chamber orchestra

    Programme: Tchaikovsky: "Souvenir de Florence"
    Location: Konzerthaus Detmold, Germany

  • 14th - 17th of February:
    Chambermusic concert with Sonc, Crawford, Molaeb
    SUMITO Cultural association

    Programme: Britten, Barber, Bridge
    Location: Zürich, Switzerland

  • 26th of February:
    Recital with the pianist Han-Wen Jennifer Yu

    Programme: Schnittke, Boulanger, Britten
    Location: "Palais Lichtenau" Potsdam, Germany

  • 9th - 10th of March:
    R G Niederhoffer Events

    Programme: Bach 1st and 3rd cello solo suites
    9th of March - Location: Zürich
    10th of March - Location: Geneva

  • 4th - 10th of April:
    "Villa musica"
    Chambermusic concerts with Guy Braunstein

    Programme: Ravel, Strauss, Beethoven, Wolf, Mozart
    Location: Germany

  • 21st - 24th of April:
    Schönberg, Lutoslawski with Daniel Stabrawa

    Location: Detmold, Germany

  • 26th of April:
    Recital with the pianist Han-Wen Jennifer Yu

    Programme: Schnittke, Boulanger, Britten
    Location: Salon "Christophori" Berlin, Germany

  • 29th of April:
    Recording with Paolo Bonomini

    Location: Berlin, Germany

  • 2nd of May:
    Recording of a modern piece by Logan Strosahl

    Location: Berlin, Germany

  • 15th - 20th of May:
    Chambermusic concerts with Vadim Gluzman

    Programme: Boccherini, Tchaikovsky

  • 20th - 22nd of May:
    Solo cello of "Deutsches Kammerorchester Berlin"

    Conductor: Catherine Larsen-Maguire
    Location: "Philharmonie Berlin", Germany

  • 15th of June:
    House-concert Berlin, Germany

    Brahms piano trio B-major

  • 25th of June - 9th of July:
    Festival Paax GNP

    Location: Mexico

  • 9th - 16th of July:
    Schloss Tambach Summer Festival

  • 14th of July:
    Sae Yoon Chon, piano

    Programme: Beethoven, Chopin, Boulanger

  • 15th of July:
    Trio concert
    Mathilde Milwidsky, violin
    Sae Yoon Chon, piano

  • 16th of July:
    Festival "Fränkischer Sommer"

    Programme: J.S.Bach Solo Cello Suites
    Location: "Schloss Dennenlohe", Germany

  • 26th - 29th of July:
    Nitzow chamber-music festival

    Location: Nitzow, Germany

  • 30th of July - 6th of August:
    "Éole en Musiques" festival

    Location: Paimbœuf, France

  • 21st - 27th of August:
    Bebersee chambermusic festival

    Location: Bebersee, Germany

  • 3rd of September:
    Dvorak "American quartett"
    "Quartett Josifoski"

    Location: Belgrade, Serbia

  • 15th of September:
    Bach Gamba Sonata No.1 in G-Major
    with Michael Cohen-Weißert

    Location: Koblenz, Germany

  • 22nd - 24th of September:
    DKO Berlin
    Project with Omar Massa

    Location: Berlin Philharmonie

  • 29th of September:
    Vita Kan, piano

    Programme: Bach, Boulanger, Debussy, Strauss, Piazzolla
    Location: "Piano salon Christophori", Berlin

  • 5th, 6th and 26th of October:
    Vita Kan, piano
    "Villa musica"

    Location: Schloß Engers, Germany

  • 13th of October:
    Kladow, Berlin

    Programme: Dall`Abaco Capriccios for solo cello

  • 16th - 21st of October:
    Chambermusic project with "Witkowski piano duo"

    Schumann and Dohnányi piano quintetts
    Location: Villa musica, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany

  • 13th of November:
    "Quartett Josifoski"

    Chamber-music concert
    Location: Galery "SANU", Belgrade, Serbia

  • 20th - 23rd of November:
    guest Deutsches Symphonie Orchester Berlin

    Location: Philharmonie Berlin

  • 22th of November:
    Trio concert

    Location: Piano salon Christophori, Berlin

  • 24th - 25th of November:
    Solo cello with "Deutsches Kammerorchester Berlin"

    Location: Philharmonie Berlin

  • December:
    CD Recording

    Location: Serbia

  • 5th of December:
    Carte blanché concert in the "Philharmonie Berlin"

    Mozart flute quartett with Alberto Navarra

  • 30th of December:
    "Highlights of Classical music"

    Location: Liechtenstein

  • 2022

  • 2nd of February:
    Shostakovich 2nd cello concerto

    "Vojvodina Symphony Orchestra"
    Location: Novi Sad, Serbia

  • 1st and 2nd of April:
    GWK Competition

    Location: Münster, Germany

  • 24th of April:
    Tchaikovsky: Rococo variations

    Location: Kaunitz, Germany

  • 6th - 10th of May:
    Solo cello of "Camerata Salzburg"

    Location: Oviedo, Spain

  • 6th - 10th of July:
    "Nitzow Chamber Music festival"

    Location: Nitzow, Germany

  • 10th of July - 1st of August:
    Verbier Festival Academy

    Location: Verbier, Switzerland

  • 13th of August:
    "Ohrid Summer Festival"- recital with the pianist Aleksandar Djermanovic

    Programme: Rachmaninoff, Medtner, Piazzolla, Schumann
    Location: Ohrid, North Macedonia

  • 21st of August - 4th of September:
    Krzyzowa Chambermusic Festival

    Location: Krzyzowa, Poland

  • 18th of September:
    Festival "Tisin cvet", recital with the pianist Ivan Basic
    Receiving the prize "Aleksandar Vujic"

    Programme: Shostakovich, Beethoven, Vujic
    Location: Novi Knezevac, Serbia

  • 25th of September - 2nd of October:
    Kronberg Academy Masterclasses

    Location: Kronberg, Germany

  • 10th of November:
    Recital with the pianist Naoko Sonoda

    Programme: Beethoven, Britten, Dvorak, Widmann, Arensky
    Location: "Club Blau Weiß" Berlin, Germany

  • 13th of November:
    "GWK" winners concert

    Location: Münster, Germany

  • 16th - 22nd of November:
    "Feuermann competition" Berlin

    (12 participants invited after the first round)

  • 28th of November - 5th of December:
    "Villa musica" project

    Concerts in Germany:
    02.12. Trier,
    03.12. Mainz,
    04.12. Neuwied-Engers

  • 9th - 11th of December:
    "Christmas in Berlin" with Albrecht Mayer and "Deutsche Grammophon" - recording

    Release: 23rd of December

  • 17th of December:
    Schubert "Trout quintett"

    Location: Zürich, Switzerland